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Purchase returns in whole or in parts are made quick & easy with ShelfPerks.

Managing returns, whether in whole or in part, can be a daunting task for any store owner. The becomes even more challenging when customers wish to return only specific items from a larger purchase. However, with ShelfPerks, handling returns is quick and effortless.

ShelfPerks simplifies the entire return process, eliminating the stress and hassle in a single click. Issuance of email receipts and physical receipts are part for every transaction and returns.

Upon completing a sale, a receipt containing a unique receipt number and a QR code is automatically emailed to the customer or printed in the physical receipt. This QR code serves as a convenient way to access the transaction details and facilitate returns from any device. By scanning the QR code, you can efficiently retrieve the original receipt and process returns.

In cases where the initial transaction was made using a card, the refund is seamlessly issued back to the same payment type. For cash transactions, details regarding the refund are clearly stated in the receipt, and in the screen to ensure transparency in the process.

Furthermore, all returns, including details of returned items and refunds issued, inventory changes are seamlessly managed within ShelfPerks. This provides invaluable insights into return trends, helping store owners make informed decisions.

This feature is baked into ShelfPerks without any additional cost.

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