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Your store is a manifestation of your passion, dreams, and hard work.

Running a store means not only managing tasks, people and finance, but also acquiring operational and business insights using real-time intelligence. The biggest challenge for a store owner is that you do not have a team to help you run your store, manage operations, gather intelligence and help you with keeping track of things. ShelfPerks Store Operating System is a single platform that can do it all from your desktop, mobile, tablet or all of these combined.

ShelfPerks is the world’s first and only Store Operating System that is made for store owners to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

What can a Store Operating System do? Practically, Everything.

A store operating system is a powerful tool that combines all the day-to-day business operations such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory management, customer management and additional business functions such as promotions, role management, reports, taxes and more in one setup.ShelfPerks Store Operating System is a simple yet powerful cloud-based solution that can run on your PC, Mac, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.ShelfPerks gives you an edge to keep track of your store operations anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of using a Store Operating System

Saves Time

Scale your business

Easy to innovate

Run custom promotions

Low cost

Gain business insights

What you need to access ShelfPerks Store Operating System.

Desktop and Tablet

Run ShelfPerks Store Operating System on a Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome or Safari. On any screen size greater than 9.7 inches.

For Tablet, you can also Download our App from the AppStore and the PlayStore.


ShelfPerks Store Operating System is mobile ready. Download our App from AppStore, PlayStore.

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