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Running a store is all about being cost-efficient, agile, flexible, connected with your store and being customer ready. So, ShelfPerks Store OS is built to run on any device, from anywhere.

Break the barriers of store layout. Let us explain.

When you choose to run your store from payments to inventory, vendor management and everything else you and your store need, you could run it from your existing laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You are not obligated to buy any special, expensive device just to do one or two functions. Many store owners regret buying expensive tablets solely for price display and payment acceptance when their own laptop or tablet could have sufficed. For people who say that it is a small amount of money compared to the overall business cost, seasoned store owners say that every penny matters and when the going gets tough, it would be difficult to control the cost or difficult to change. So, it makes sense and is profitable to choose a solution that does everything from any device.

Screen size should never limit your capabilities. When we say “any device,” we mean it. Whether you’re accepting point of sale (POS) payments, checking profitability reports, monitoring inventory dashboards, or reviewing shipment details, your device’s screen size is no longer a constraint. Perform tasks seamlessly.

The art of being customer ready.

A store makes more money, if more time is spent interacting with the customers and being always ready when the customer needs. Traditionally, the person is glued to the checkout counter because that is the only spot where the point of sale transactions or product lookups and other customer interactions happen.The art of being customer ready is the art of making the brain of the store omnipresent. With ShelfPerks Store OS, you can move around your store with your tablet or smartphone. You can go to your customer and answer their query on product, price, availability, next date of replenishing the stock, find a product at the store using the inbuilt store map feature and close the sale with a few simple taps.

Seamless Cloud-Based Functions.

Since ShelfPerks is cloud-based that works on any device, once you log in to your account, all the functions & data are at your fingertips. To lookup a product, you can simply enter the barcode or keyword or name of the product, you could also get every other information linked to that product. This can be done on a tablet or a smartphone, standing next to the customer anywhere in the store. This may sound simple but has been proven to drastically improve customer satisfaction by manifolds. It is not only a convenience but also a vital business strategy.Equipped with advanced payment technology including Apple Tap to Pay - ShelfPerks enables you to accept credit/debit card payments and other NFC-based payment methods effortlessly, from anywhere in your store. A customer can make a payment from any aisle, they just have to tap their card or virtual card on your smartphone or tablet running ShelfPerks Merchant App. Accept payments with ease with the ShelfPerks Store OS.

As good as it can be used.

Any solution is good only when it is easy to adopt. Running ShelfPerks Store OS from a device you are familiar with, makes it instantly easy to use. From the get-go your store will be equipped with the best-in-class integrated retail/store solution that works as a symphony - from point of sale, payments, inventory management, customer relations, vendor management and much more.The amazing part of being an integrated solution is that, when an event like a purchase happens, the inventory gets updated, triggers a purchase order with the vendor as needed, updates your profitability dashboard and more. Now imagine this level of sophistication and advantage can be accessed or executed from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The whole store is open for business, not just at the counter. You don’t need to be a tech expert to run your store efficiently. With ShelfPerks Store OS, you can open up your store’s full potential and enjoy the benefits of our user-friendly solution.

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