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Why ShelfPerks?

ShelfPerks Store Operating System is a complete solution with smart functions that helps you to manage every aspect of your store.


The simple answer for the big question

of “Why ShelfPerks?” -

Easy to Set Up

A simple signup is all you need to get ShelfPerks. You can migrate your inventory and pricing data from your existing setup within minutes. ShelfPerks is a cloud-based service that works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Quick sign-up, easy migration and “any device” design - it’s a cakewalk.

Easy to operate

Designed for store owners - every feature is built to be operated with ease. Be it inventory management, point of sale, payment processing, roles and responsibilities set up, or gift certificates sale, the intuitive user interface and seamless experience – it’s stress free.

Easy to keep track
of everything

Store owners like you want to stay updated with every aspect of the store. The inventory insight, sales & profit report and much more can be accessed in real-time anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or your computer – it’s a breeze.

Easy to improve and
sell more

ShelfPerks is constantly improving. We do the heavy lifting for you to come up with useful reports and recommendations. Acquire more customers, to sell better, and make more profit!

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We offer a free trial of our premium subscription for 3 months. Experience the smart way of running your store.

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